Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bottle It

Ending one's love affair with plastic water bottles is all about choosing the right water bottle. Hopefully this blog will make you just a little bit smarter when choosing the right one for you, so let's begin. The first thing that you need to assess are the drinks that you like, for example; should you be into cold drinks like Iced Tea and Juices the preferred container for you would be one with a nozzle that is big enough to fit a regular sized ice cube through the nozzle of the container. For the active cyclist and hiker types a water bottle that comes with a pouch that can be secured and taken in and out easily. As for those who love there coffee and or teas, the bottle that I would recommend for your daily need should be a double-walled container, as this can maintain heat for a longer period.

The great benefits of using a permanent bottle for oneself is the savings of money, you would surely spend less on disposable plastic bottles should you own one. Another benefit of owning a permanent bottle especially around the house is that one washes less glasses on the kitchen sink.

Now for my criticism on the designs on these things
1. Most are stainless steel bottles are cylindrical; It can be very dangerous picking up your bottle off the floor of a vehicle while driving when it rolls. They need to add more designs than just the cheap and easy tubular container.

2.Most are not big enough to suit some people; I need a bottle that is at least 1 liter or 1 quart or beyond since I live in a tropical environment and the humidity and heat can be brutal sometimes.